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Complaint filed against woman who allegedly deceived FB users into parting with Bt40 million


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Complaint Filed: A group of 10 Facebook users on Monday sought help from the Crime Suppression Division for around 300 victims to get their money back from a woman who had allegedly deceived them into losing heavily in a gold investment scheme.


The group said they represented people who had been conned by Rungtawan Pimkotha into losing some Bt40 million in total from the scam.

They said Rungtawan had originally opened a Facebook page to invite other Facebook users to invest in the gold trade with the promise of high yields.

For example, they were each promised Bt6,000 as a profit within just 10 days for investing Bt100,000.

They said they had received the promised yields during the first months of investment, but after a year there were no further profits at all – and Rungtawan also refused to return their investment capital.

She also closed her Facebook page and disappeared without trace, they added.

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