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Concern over yoga teacher’s poses at sacred sites


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Concern over yoga teacher’s poses at sacred sites

A Mexican yoga teacher from Canada is being criticised for photos she posted on Instagram showing her going through yoga exercises in sacred places in Thailand, including in the Emerald Buddha Temple.

Andreita Levin’s pictures on Instagram show that she visited Prasat Pra Thepbidorn or Royal Pantheon in Bangkok, Rong Sue Ten temple or Blue temple in the Northern province of Chiang Rai and Sukhothai Historical Park in Sukothai.

The photos drew criticism particularly about her posture in sacred places.

Some Thais have called for authorities to take action to investigate how she was able to pose in such sacred places.

Some foreign Instagram users however were wowed by the photos with someone praising them as stunning and awesome.

Levin later deleted her photos at the Royal Pantheon and Blue Temple, keeping the ones at the Sukhothai Historical Park.

She described herself as dance artist and pilates instructor. She wrote in her Instagram that her tour guide facilitated and convinced her to take the photos in those places.

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