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Conditional prison sentence Turkish influencer after photos in Sexmuseum Amsterdam


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Turkish influencer Merve Taşkın (23) has been sentenced for visiting a Sex Museum in Amsterdam. In January last year, she reported about this during a holiday trip via social media, but the Turkish government was not happy with that. She sued her for “spreading obscene material.” Merve now announces on Instagram that the judge has imposed a suspended prison sentence of five months.

Merve was in Amsterdam with friends at the beginning of last year to celebrate her 22nd birthday, she told the BBC a while back. “My intention was to make jokes.” For example, she took a picture with merchandise in the form of penises. She thought she was innocent, but when she returned to Turkey she was arrested twice.

Merve made a statement and thought that the case would be over, but this year she still received a summons to appear in court. She deleted the posts in question and invoked her freedom of expression. Unfortunately, it was to no avail, because the judge did not agree with her. She only has to serve five months in prison if she commits a criminal offence in the next five years.

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