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Conor McGregor hit by car while cycling in Ireland


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Conor McGregor was hit by a car while cycling in his native Ireland yesterday. The 34-year-old MMA fighter shares images on social media of the bicycle accident, in which his bicycle is in the middle of the road, and his injuries.


“I just got hit by a car from behind,” the former lightweight world champion writes in a post on Instagram. The photo shows McGregor’s bike lying on the ground. In a video in the same post, the driver of the car can be heard apologizing profusely. “Don’t worry too much,” McGrgor reassures the man. “I am fine.”


The MMA fighter says in his message that the car drove right through him at full throttle. The driver of the car couldn’t see McGregor because of the low sun. “So I could have been dead.” He thanks God, wrestling and judo that it wasn’t his time. “My sport taught me how to fall safely. That saved my life.”


McGregor’s clothes have fared less well. There is a big rip in his pants. Once home, the MMA fighter also found out that his buttock has suffered a major scratch. He shares this with a (now very popular) photo on Instagram

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