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Cristiano Ronaldo Issues Apology After Appearing To Slap Phone From Everton Fan’s Hand


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You can hardly have missed the video in which Cristiano Ronaldo smashes the phone out of a supporter’s hand. Shortly after the fuss, the professional football player offers his apology via Instagram.

Cristiano struggled to finish the 1-0 lost league match against Everton on Saturday evening. The Portuguese suffered a serious shin injury and walked to the catacombs at the end of the game, limping. He found it hard to hide his disappointment and when he sees an Everton supporter, he knocks his phone out of his hands.

Online, Cristiano offers his apology and addresses the Everton fan. “It’s never easy to keep your emotions in check after difficult moments like we encounter now,” Cristiano writes with a photo of herself. “Nevertheless, we must always maintain respect, remain calm and set a good example for all the young people who love this beautiful game. I would like to apologize for my outburst and, if possible, I would like to invite this supporter to a game at Old Trafford follow as a sign of my sportsmanship.”

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