Cuban healer uses a machete and prescribes half a bottle of rum medicine to defeat the Covid19 virus

What is the case, in Cuba there is a spiritual healer walking around performing operations with a machete and telling his patients that they drink half a bottle of rum every week so that this will prevent them from getting Covid-19. It cannot be otherwise than that the spiritual healer is becoming a “Popie Jopie” in Cuba.

The unorthodox methods of “doctor” Jorge Goliat have increasingly attracted Cubans looking for alternatives to traditional medicines. They come to him despite the fact that the communist country provides all residents with excellent free health care.

Cuba has over 33,000 general practitioners – comparable to general practitioners – for its 11 million inhabitants, which equates to one doctor for every 343 people. The health service also offers a network of 498 outpatient clinics across the country, many of which offer specialized treatments that are more common in large hospitals.

The heavily drinking and smoking Cuban healer claims he was visited more than 30 years ago by a ghost who told him to heal people with his machete.

He has been practising every day since then, probably over a bottle of “Havana Club” and now performs between 120 and 150 surgeries every day on various patients in Havana. The heavily drinking Cuban ‘healer’ performs operations with a machete

He claims to have performed thousands of surgeries over the years, all without anaesthesia. Goliath said, “If they can’t walk, I’ll let them walk. If they can’t move or raise an arm after seeing me, they can.

‘I don’t leave anyone helpless because life is hard, this country is a hard country, we can’t save ourselves from Covid.

“I would never let anyone die, or let a child die just because of Covid.”

Goliat encourages his patients to drink half a bottle of Rum every week and/or sniff sachets of camphor, a drug derived from wood used to treat pain and cough, from ‘time to time’ to get Covid away. to keep.

Patients seeking advice on everything from fertility to traumatic low back pain often seem to visit Goliat’s makeshift clinic for help.

Others said Goliath’s credibility came from his ability to combine his machete operations with conventional medicine.

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