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Customer kills robber in restaurant


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Police in Houston in the United States are looking for a man who shot dead a robber in a taco restaurant on January 5. No charges have been filed against the man (yet), but the police would like to question him to map out the full incident. There is a lot of discussion on social media about whether the man acted in self-defense.

Images of the robbery were captured by a surveillance camera. It shows that the robber in a black mask enters the restaurant and demands money from customers who are eating inside. He threatens them with a gun.

What the robber probably didn’t know is that one of the customers was also carrying a gun. The customer waited for the right moment before pulling out his gun and shooting the robber. According to KPRC News, the man fired no less than nine bullets at the bandit, who died on the spot from his injuries.

Surveillance footage shows the customer shocked at the fact that he killed the man. At first he walks over to the robber, who is lying motionless on the floor, to empty his pockets and return the stolen money to the other customers. He then finds out that the robber’s gun is fake. He angrily throws the fake gun away and walks out cursing. According to KPRC, he pours his drink over the man in the meantime, but that is not clearly visible on the images.

The former police officer turned attorney Thomas Nixon explains to KPRC that the shooter had a right to protect himself in the situation. “The person he shot was committing a robbery. In Texas, the use of force in defense of yourself and innocent third parties is fully justified,” Nixon said. “It’s a justifiable homicide, but the Harris County jury will want to speak to all parties involved in the murder in the interest of the investigation.”
According to Nixon, the customer also committed no crime by leaving the crime scene after he killed the robber.”The shooter was not required to stay because he has not committed a crime under Texas law. But of course the police want to question him about the situation prior to the shooting.” Although the police are looking for the man, no charges have been made against him at this time.

Reactions to the incident are pouring in on social media and they are quite divided, to say the least. For example, some think it’s good that the man shot the robber to stop him from committing a crime. Others point out that the customer could also have shot the man in the leg and not have had to fire nine bullets, also because the robber had his back to the man. At the same time, there are those who say that the lives of the other customers were in danger and they understand the shooter. For example, many different scenarios are outlined and there is no unequivocal judgment.

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