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A centipede has bitten and killed a 54 year old Thai woman in Nakorn Pathom.

In Thai, it is called “takhap”

On Saturday was taken to the hospital after she was bitten on the right foot

Once in the hospital, she was given an injection and medication and then sent home to her rented accommodation in Samphran district to recover.

Her son has said, she was in a lot of pain and we could see swelling around the area of the bite, then she had an evening meal and went to bed.

On Sunday morning her son went to wake her up but she was dead. The police were then called.

The son now wants to know if his mother had died from complications of the centipede bite or some other reason.

An autopsy is now underway at Sirirat Hospital.

Thaivisa has noted that bites from centipedes are not usually fatal in humans. However, the bigger ones can cause extreme pain that can last for several days

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