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Death in the lotus position: Russian man died in Phuket


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In Thailand, the body was found drowned 23-year-old Russian citizen who was sitting in the lotus position at the bottom of the pool of a private house in Phuket.

A Thai citizen, who worked in the house of a Russian citizen in Phuket, found that the Russian man died meditating in the lotus position at the bottom of the pool, as the Russian is used to doing at this time, reports Matichon.

Chalong police officers, after receiving a report of a Russian man drowned, investigated the house and found the lifeless body of 23-year-old Russian citizen Ivan Olegovich Ivankiv at the bottom of a 1.8-meter deep pool.

A worker in the Russian 27-year-old Thai Anak Phumnarong’s house found the man’s body and told police that Ivan had a peculiar habit of meditation and yoga underwater.
The Russian man had been meditating underwater for long periods of time, and Anak sometimes had to remind Ivan to surface from the pool. Anak spoke at length about the daily routine that the Russian followed. Ivan began by meditating in the pool, then came out to bask in the sun and then returned to the pool.

On the day of the incident, Anak arrived at the Russian’s house at 9 a.m. for work and noticed the Russian man underwater. When Anak finished his business and was about to leave the house, he noticed that the foreigner remained underwater. Since this was consistent with the man’s behaviour and routine, Anak did not find it unusual and left the house.

When Anak returned, however, he found Ivan still sitting in the pool in a meditative pose. Concerned about the Russian man’s well-being, Anak immediately told his mother about the situation. Anak’s mother subsequently reported the incident to the village headman, who examined the scene and discovered that Ivan was dead.

The Russian’s body was transported to Wachir Phuket Hospital for forensic examination and determination of the cause of death. Police are working with the Russian embassy to inform the family of the sad incident.



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