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Disney announces new installment in ‘Toy Story’ series


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Fan of the Toy Story movies? Then wet your chest, because a new installment in Pixar’s beloved film series is coming. Disney CEO Bob Iger announced this yesterday after the announcement of the quarterly figures.


Aside from the news that Toy Story 5 is in the works, Iger didn’t share any further details about the kids’ movie. The first Toy Story came out in 1995 and became an outright hit. This was followed by three more sequels in the popular series about toys that come to life out of human sight. The last two parts, Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4 in particular , were very successful and both grossed more than a billion dollars. Last year a spin-off was also released, called Lightyear . However, that film turned out to be less successful than its predecessors.


In addition to Toy Story 5, the Disney CEO also announced that fans of Frozen can look forward to part three in that series. Like the last two Toy Story movies, both parts of Frozen managed to gross more than a billion dollars. When Frozen 3 appears in the cinema is still unknown.

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