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Dozens of people killed in extreme cold in US


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In the United States, dozens of people have died in recent days due to extreme weather conditions. Temperatures between -20 and -30 degrees Celsius were measured in various cities. Last Saturday, at least sixteen people were killed in the country and that number would have risen to more than thirty , according to various American media.

The extreme cold was accompanied by heavy snowfall in several parts of the country. As a result, emergency services could no longer reach badly affected areas. One of the places facing major problems is Buffalo, a city in western New York state. “It’s like going into a war zone,” Governor Kathy Hochul told CNN.

There is more than two meters of snow in some areas in Buffalo, but especially large-scale power outages due to the extreme conditions cause dangerous situations. “It’s the most devastating storm in this city’s long history ,” Hochul said. Authorities in Buffalo announced yesterday that 12 people had been killed. To avoid dangerous situations, citizens are advised not to leave their homes.

In total, about 250,000 households in the eastern part of the US experienced power outages on Christmas Day. In addition, about 8,000 flights were canceled last weekend and more than 7,000 flights were delayed.

The lowest temperature was initially measured in Minneapolis, a city in the state of Minnesota. Last Saturday there was -21 degrees Celsius on the thermometer. The city of Fargo in North Dakota took it a step further yesterday with temperatures as low as -28 degrees. With wind chill temperatures of -45 degrees Celsius, Americans will be happy that normal weather conditions will return in large parts of the country from Tuesday. It will remain extremely cold on the east coast at least until Thursday.

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