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Dozens of rabbits dumped on Songkhla beach


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More than 30 rabbits were rescued after they were dumped on Samira beach in Songkhla’s Muang district on Tuesday.

A university student spotted two men and a woman throwing cardboard boxes into the pine forest near the beach before driving away on Tuesday afternoon. Checking the scene, she found dozens of rabbits had been abandoned.

Wachirapranee Wisartpong, 22, said she called her sister to help catch the animals. She then broadcast their rescue efforts live on Facebook, drawing the attention of a local rescue unit and other people who joined the search.

One of the rabbits was found dead in the pine forest while two more died after capture, the student said.

She said she and her friends were visiting the beach when she saw an SUV arrive carrying two men and a woman who threw the boxes into the forest and sped off. She could not remember the licence plate.

All the rescued rabbits have been adopted by people who saw the live broadcast, she added.

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