Driving motorcycles sidewalks of Bangkok will bring a fine of 5000 baht

Driving a motorcycle (bicycle) on the sidewalks in the Thai capital will result in a fine of 5,000 Baht, the municipal administration of Bangkok warns.

The yet intrepid Bangkokians who are caught driving, driving or parking their vehicle on sidewalks will be fined up to 5,000 baht under a 1992 law on cleanliness and orderliness.

On social media, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the BMA, said it has sent officials to monitor pedestrian walkways in the metropolitan area to ensure compliance with the law.

“BMA law enforcement officers are empowered to fine violators on the spot. If the fine cannot be paid, the violator will be prosecuted under the law,” the announcement said.

Such violation of the law can be reported to the BMA at http://www.bangkok.go.th/reward or by scanning the QR code below.

Informants will receive half of the fine if the case is settled.

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