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Incredible video shows couple’s tense standoff with big elephant bull


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A couple experienced a tense standoff with a big elephant bull in Kruger National Park in South Africa on July 14.

“My wife and I were alone on safari in the Kruger National Park when we stopped to admire a small herd of elephants next to the road,” the filmer said. “Suddenly, there was this enormous bull elephant approaching us from the front.”

“This guy looked determined and on a mission,” the filmer continued. “Our hearts were racing while the elephant rushed towards us.”

“There was a big branch hanging from his mouth and he looked pretty scary,” the filmer said. “We had no choice but to remain calm.”

“The elephant moved a little off the road and bashed through a small tree next to the vehicle,” the filmer added. “He was showing us that he meant business.”

“Suddenly, he just froze, showing no emotion and not giving away any signals on what his next move might be,” the filmer said. “This was probably the most terrifying moment, sitting dead quiet and waiting on his next move.”

“The bull elephant then pretended to move along and leave us alone, but then he approached the vehicle from behind for yet another anxious moment.”

“Standing right behind the vehicle, he slowly peeked over the back. At the same time, he slightly bumped the back of the vehicle with his tusks. We managed to keep quiet right through this whole experience, but this time we both raised our voices.”

“The elephant shook his head, and, to our relief, he finally turned around and left us in peace. Having the largest land mammal on this planet rushing towards us was an extremely intimidating experience and not to be forgotten very soon.”

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