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Elon Musk’s father (76) confirms child with his stepdaughter


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Errol Musk, the father of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, has confirmed in an interview with The Sun that he has had a child with his stepdaughter. It is not the first time that 76-year-old Errol and 35-year-old Jana Bezuidenhout have a child. The two also have a son who is 5 years old.

Errol said in the interview that the second baby was not planned. Still, they chose to keep the child. “All we are on this earth for is to procreate,” he said, adding that the child was born in 2019 and lives with Jana.

The Musk family would have been in shock when they found out that Jana was (again) pregnant with Errol’s child. “They still don’t like it. Actually, they think it’s a bit scary because Jana is their sister. Their half-sister,” Errol said.

Jana is the daughter of Errol’s second wife, Heide Bezuidenhout, whom he married after splitting up in 1979 with Elon Musk’s mother, Maya Haldeman Musk. Errol had three children with Maya, including Elon. He was then married to Heide for eighteen years. With her Errol had two children. Heide had a daughter, Jana, from a previous relationship. Jana lived with her stepfather Errol from the age of four and saw him as her real father, as it were.

Currently, the two no longer live together, but according to Errol they still feel “very attracted to each other”. The 76-year-old technician finds it difficult to create an environment in which he can be there for his young children. “I mean, I’d much rather have them here. But it doesn’t always work. Jana came here about six months ago to spend a few days with the kids. They started getting on my nerves. But as soon as they left I started missing them again.”

The internet is also reacting to Errol’s announcement. Many marvel at the fact that the two have had another child while being each other’s stepdaughter and father. It is especially noticeable that people do not know what to do with the news. “I really wish I could go back to 5 minutes ago when I didn’t know about that whole Errol Musk thing.”

Apart from the jokes that are made, there are also critical voices, with people wondering whether the children were born with the will of both parents and reflecting on the fact that there could be more going on.

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