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Ex-popular singer arrested with 5 kilos of ketamine


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Ex-popular singer arrested with 5 kilos of ketamine

A former “heartthrob” pop singer was arrested along with her allegedly selling 5.17 kilograms of Taiwanese ketamine to a man who was also arrested.

Police said Priscilla “Pookie” Gemelli, and her husband, Chonlawit Kitatrakul, 49, were arrested after drug suppression police arrested, Taiwanese suspect Hung Cheng Yi, 28, at the Gold Airport Suite Hotel on Monday.

Police received a tip that Hung would fly into Thailand to buy drugs, so the police checked in the hidden ketamine in 39 hotel ashtrays packed in his hotel room.

The account of the Taiwanese men led police to search Pricilla’s house in the Terrace.

Police found 98.3 grams of crystal meth, 8 meth pills, 10 grams of cannabis, and 40 grams of cannabis in the house.

The production and acquiring drugs for reselling.

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