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Exhausted Russian man found inside a stolen car in Phuket


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After a Russian tourist reported a stolen car in Phuket, police found a car with an exhausted Russian inside

A Russian tourist suffering from exhaustion was found in a deplorable condition inside a stolen pickup truck on Naiton Beach in Phuket province. The man was taken to a hospital and police have launched an investigation into the incident, Phuket News reported.

The owner of the vehicle, 44-year-old Russian Vyacheslav Rumyantsev, reported the theft to police. The man reported that the Ford Ranger pickup was in the parking lot in front of the beach during the day. As the owner was returning to the vehicle, he saw his pickup being stolen by some man.

Sakhu police officers began searching for the stolen vehicle and soon found the pickup locked with the man inside. The officers were unable to unlock the vehicle’s doors themselves and called in a locksmith to open the vehicle. Inside the vehicle was a haggard man, who turned out to be 27-year-old Russian Egor Andries. The officers found that the Russian tourist was in poor condition and suffering from exhaustion.

An ambulance arrived and transported the man to Talang Hospital for further treatment. Police have launched an investigation into the incident to find out what happened and how Yegor Andriyesh ended up in such a situation.

This is not the first case of car theft on Phuket’s beaches. The police are currently stepping up security monitoring to prevent such incidents and ensure the safety of tourists. Tourists are advised not to leave their cars unattended and lock them to avoid thefts.

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