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Facebook and Instagram want to lift ban on topless photos


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For years, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has banned women from sharing a topless photos. That will probably change soon: the board of Meta no longer considers the ban inclusive. This is reported by The Guardian.

Women have long been speaking out against the ban. About ten years ago, the hashtag #FreeTheNipple was created, with which women wanted to free the female nipple from censorship. Meta seems to be tacking after years. According to the advisory board, the censorship of women’s breasts creates an overly binary view of gender. There would also be too great a difference between the female and male body since men are allowed to show their nipples. This also means that the rules for intersex, non-binary and trans people are very unclear. Meta now wants to change that.

A question that Meta does not yet have an answer to is: where is the boundary between ‘normal nudity’ and pornography? To this end, Meta should talk to experts and stakeholders, the council advises.

The advice of the supervisory board is not binding, but Meta must come up with an official and well-founded response within sixty days.

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