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Family of Thai burglar who came to the house of a Swiss expat in Udon Thani at the end of his life, claim that a love affair was the common thread


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Relatives of the victim who was murdered by a Swiss man in Udon Thani last Sunday revealed their side of the story, claiming that the victim was allegedly killed because he was having an affair.

Sathien Chantarakhantri, 53, was found dead with his legs and arms tied up around midnight on Sunday at the home of 63-year-old Swiss Rudolf Joseph Rothy in the main district of Udon Thani.

Rudolf, who was present at the scene with his Thai wife, whose name was withheld by the police, is said to have confessed to killing the man, stating that Sathien had threatened him with a firearm for money and that his actions were taken in self-defence. after Sathien broke into his house. Rudolf claims that he tied up the man because he was afraid that Sathien would recover and attack him and his family.

The Swiss homeowner was initially charged with beating others to death, while the deceased was also charged with entering the home at night, carrying a firearm in public and attempted murder.

However, relatives of Sathien told local reporters yesterday that they did not believe Rudolf’s claims that Sathien would break into his house for money, as he had no money problems and often gave money to Rudolf’s Thai wife from time to time. Instead, the relatives claimed the incident was about an alleged affair between Sathien and Rudolf’s wife.

Sathien’s uncle, Thaworn Phumphet, 65, told local Thai reporters that Sathien had once had a wife and children, but they had separated because he had a secret relationship with the foreigner’s wife. Regarding the weapon, Thaworn said the deceased legally purchased the firearm as a registered second-hand weapon about a year ago.

Sathien’s mother, Khan Chantarakhantri, told the Thai press that her son had been secretly dating Rudolf’s wife for 2-3 years. The reason he entered the house was that the woman allegedly called him. Instead, however, Sathien confronted the foreigner before an argument and ensuing physical altercations ensued.

“The autopsy concluded that he died of a liver rupture. He may have been beaten to death. Please be fair and do not claim that my son went out to rob the foreigner, such a move ruins our family reputation,” she added.

Multiple Thai media sources noted that Sathien had recently sold some land and made a decent amount of money as a result, raising the question of why he might rob someone for extra money. Rudolf was approached by reporters last night to be given an opportunity to comment on the Thai family’s statements, but declined to speak to the press, local media reports said.

According to the Udon Thani police, the legal system will apply statements from all parties involved as part of their investigation and that the police will continue to gather evidence surrounding the incident.

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