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Female employer accused of face-deforming torture


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Female employer accused of face-deforming torture

A Thai employer and her close associate have been arrested in Sing Buri province for allegedly torturing and assaulting an employee, disfiguring his face and infecting his penis.

According to Thai media reports, a 50-year-old woman named Je Kang and her close associate have been arrested for allegedly assaulting 29-year-old worker Jirawat Laosuwan.

Lieutenant General Jirapat Phumchit, the provincial police chief, said Jirawat worked for the woman at her remote, gated agricultural products factory. His older brother was her ex-husband.

On Wednesday’s Hone Krasae TV show on Channel 3, Jirawat told the host of the Kanchai Kamnerdploy program that he had been beaten with a PVC pipe and baseball bat and forced to eat poop and lick the urine of dogs and cats.

He also said that he lost sight in his left eye and that his ears, forehead and lips were deformed from the blows.

Jirawat said he never received any payment. Once, when he was caught stealing 40 baht from his employer to buy a snack, he was punched in the face with a PVC pipe and a baseball bat as punishment.

His brother Thapanawat recently took him out of the factory and brought him to the nearest police station.

Jirawat said he didn’t run away right away because he wanted to thank Naipaporn for taking care of him before and paying for his education before he quit.

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