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Five-year development plan for Pattaya – the tourist city of the future


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Resort Pattaya in Thailand presented a five-year development strategy for the tourist city of the future

Pattaya authorities and Burapha University have jointly prepared the Pattaya City Development Plan 2023-2027 to turn the seaside resort into a tourist city of the future, Pattaya Mayor Sonthaya Khlunplom said.

The plan aims to make Pattaya the “tourist city of the future”, officials said. The five-year strategy focuses on the balance between the economy and the environment, aspects of quality of life including health, education and society, as well as enhancing alternative professional skills for the younger generation in the digital age following the coronavirus pandemic.

“Due to the two-year domestic spread of the coronavirus, Thailand has had to go through significant changes in many ways. As far as Pattaya is concerned, these changes are to some extent in line with the Neo Pattaya development plan, which we began to implement 3 years ago to ensure sustainable tourism in the future, ”said the Mayor of Pattaya.

“Therefore, the five-year development strategy is planned by all related sectors and has the potential to support the tourism centre of the Eastern Economic Corridor and the current multicultural lifestyle to make Pattaya a city with the international economic opportunity again.”

The Pattaya City Council will be presented with a plan with five main objectives:

  • Improving the quality of life and safety.
  • Improving infrastructure efficiency to support the Eastern Economic Corridor.
  • Promoting economic and environmentally sound innovation.
  • Sustainable management of natural resources and the environment.
  • Transformation of Pattaya City into a modern and highly efficient organizational city.

The development plan will be implemented in cooperation with the Eastern Economic Corridor Committee, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, the Ministry of Public Works and several local communities.

Pattaya’s development plan is both proactive and reactive in line with the National Economic and Social Development Plan, the Tourism Master Plan and plans to expand investments in the Eastern Economic Corridor, including:

Economic Recovery Plans – Promoting domestic tourism and local markets, developing an easily accessible marketing platform for entrepreneurs, developing the Naklua public market as a cultural, community and natural tourist attraction.

People’s Skills Plans – A program to educate young generations in skills in the wellness business, electric vehicles, e-commerce, programming and robotics, and create digital learning in local schools and international health centres in Pattaya City.

Environmental plans – Creation of a “pocket park” to improve the quality of life of people, development of the only mangrove forest in Pattaya as an ecotourism object, maintenance of large trees in Pattaya.

Technological plans – Creation and collection of “Big data” about the city, collection of integrated data on the life of the city for effective management and security, digital health.

Infrastructure plans – Construction of light rail/tramways to support transport accessibility of the Eastern Economic Corridor, sustainable solutions to water supply problems, development of public safety systems, video surveillance.

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