Foreign couple get the shock of their lives in Pattaya

A foreign couple got the shock of their lives yesterday when part of the road collapsed near a water drainage area under construction and their pickup truck sank through the asphalt.

The North Pattaya Voluntary Rescue Service was called in to provide assistance.

A local reporter arrived on the scene and found a white pick-up with both front wheels stuck in the road at a water drainage construction site.

The road surface was temporarily filled with some dirt to access a restaurant.

The foreign couple told the reporter that they went to the restaurant during a rainstorm to strengthen the inner being, but they could not have imagined that their lunch would come to an end like this. Their names were not released to the press.

The Pattaya Law Enforcement Department stated that they will investigate the cause of the road collapse and talk to the contractor, but it is unclear whether legal charges will be filed against the contractor or whether damages will be paid to the foreign couple.

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