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Foreign Facebook user announces that taxi fares on Phuket are being jacked up


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Foreign Facebook user announces that taxi fares on Phuket are being jacked up

A Thai tourist has publicized the negative experience of a foreign tourist regarding the taxi fares in Phuket on social media, just hours later the posting was shared by a Thai man, after which it went viral on the net.

“Important people such as actors and actresses are present at the first arrivals who have to promote tourism in the province. How can this be if taxi fares are charged too high, Khun Nattakorn Ruengroj wondered.

He also called on the Thai government to take immediate steps to address this issue before further ruining Phuket’s reputation.

In the original post, a foreigner said a hotel in the Patong area was charging him 900 baht for a transfer from the airport.

“I know that in the past I have not paid that much to go to Patong, the same hotel, and I see that some people pay 700 baht through their hotel,” said the foreign tourist.

The Phuket Provincial Transport Office said the hotel in question has now reduced transfer costs to around 700 baht. The office added that the traveller will land in Phuket on July 14.

“The office has ordered taxi companies to lower their fares in order to preserve the reputation of the province,” the transport officials said.

It has also said that travellers can call a taxi through the Hello Phuket app, as the 675 taxis registered in the app charge fares in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Transport.

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