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Foreign travellers still do not know where they stand if they want to come to Thailand, uncertainty at the Thai embassies!


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While many are excited that Thailand is finally reopening, at least somewhat without quarantine, for certain people in certain locations, the confusion and lack of confirmation of rules until the last minute is causing conflicting information. Thai embassies tell potential foreign travellers that they still need to book quarantine accommodations before they are allowed to travel.

Many tourists rejoiced when Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha announced seemingly definitively that it was time for Thailand to open its doors and let people back in, without the quarantine that has so far deterred so many would-be travellers. His broad announcement, however, came with many caveats, asterisks, and braces.

Just 11 days before reopening, the land may not be ready. The reopening plan itself, along with the list of 10 countries that will be allowed to enter Thailand without quarantine, and even the list of 17 provinces that will welcome these international tourists, has still not been made official and published in the Royal Gazette.

And now, amid the chaos and confusion, people are reporting Thai embassies around the world are instructing travellers filing plans to travel to Thailand to book quarantine accommodations, despite the requirement supposedly disappearing in less than 2 weeks.

It is as yet unknown whether this requirement will be officially clarified and lifted by the reopening on November 1. Many travellers have expressed reservations about planning their trips to Thailand when the rules have not been made clear for the launch dates and different government agencies set different rules.

There are often no definitive answers that allow travellers from all over the world to confidently plan their vacation in advance.

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