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Foreigners in Thailand can register for a Covid19 vaccination from June 7


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Foreigners in Thailand can register for a Covid19 vaccination from June 7

The deputy. Foreign Ministry spokesman Khun Natapanu Noppakun has just announced that foreigners in Thailand will be able to register for vaccinations in the kingdom from June 7.

They should register on-site at a vaccination centre or in a hospital, Natapanu said. However, they must register with their social security number or passport number to receive the free vaccination.

The roll-out of the vaccine to foreigners will take place at the same time as Thai nationals, Mr Natapanu said. Once registered, foreigners are given an appointment date on which to receive their vaccine.

Some vaccination centres already have appointments available on June 7th and can therefore be vaccinated right away. Others may have to wait for a later date to be vaccinated.

“I believe I am bringing you very good news,” said Natapanu.

Natapanu also tweeted the images below about the vaccination process for foreigners in Thailand.

Prior to this announcement, he tweeted during the daily press conference to explain that no mobile app will now be developed to facilitate registrations. This is because Thailand does not have a central database for foreigners living in the kingdom, foreigners’ data is spread across multiple agencies.

“The problem with pre-recorded appointments on applications is the verification of data that is spread across multiple agencies. The CCSA has come up with the solution that there would be ‘on-site registration’ for aliens. Specific instances have been assigned and a modality set for each group. Natapanu tweeted.

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