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Four arrested after second largest illegal drug bust in Laos


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Four arrested after second largest illegal drug bust in Laos

Four people were arrested last week in the second-largest seizure of illegal drugs by Laos police in Huay Xai province north of Bokeo, with authorities reporting that 36 million methamphetamine pills, a total weight of 590 kilograms, were taken. were found.

The regional representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Jeremy Douglas, says… “The four who were arrested were quite low in the organization… and certainly not key figures.”

In a photo released by AFP, the suspects and the police are photographed in front of a wall of drugs, which consists of bags piled up like sandbags.

The raid took place three months after officers in the same area put Asia’s largest shipment of methamphetamine pills ever into a beer truck. A total of 55 million pills were seized.

According to Douglas, Thailand has never had a seizure of such magnitude, although it was thought that the amphetamine tablets went there as the ice made its way to higher-value markets such as Australia.

Part of the Golden Triangle, Laos stretches from Myanmar to Thailand and has long served as a crossroads for Southeast Asia’s rich drug trade.

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