‘Genius’ way woman busts cheating boyfriend goes viral on TikTok

Some people are so adept at finding information through social media that they should seriously consider a job with the Secret Service. So is Steph. In a viral TikTok video, she explains how she caught her boyfriend cheating through some next level Instagram sleuthing, which people find impressive to say the least. “FBI, please hire her.”


In the TikTok video posted by her friend Chloe, Steph explains to someone on the phone how she did it. “I went to ‘location tag’ on Instagram,” she begins. “I looked up where he was and then went to the profile of every girl who tagged that location.”


Steph was clearly determined to get to the bottom of the matter, as she then went through the full Instagram stories of all the ladies who have been to that same location. “I made screen records of the videos and then slowed down the movies to see if I could see it somewhere in the background.” When the person on the phone then asks what happened next, she proudly answers: “I got it!”


What exactly was going on with Steph’s ex-boyfriend isn’t entirely clear, but people in the comments are both impressed and concerned after hearing about her time-consuming technique. The video has already been viewed more than 933,000 times. “MI5 has nothing on her. Never underestimate a woman who suspects something,” it sounds in the comments. “Is this how girls operate today? *Deletes all social media*,” said another.



MI5 or the FBI please employ her… #fyp #BeBold #psycho #investigator #mi5

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Some think that Steph is called psycho unjustified. “If the police do this, it’s called good detective work and if a girl does it, it’s psycho? That’s not fair,” one commented. Another says, “She’s just smart.” Still, many people agree with this comment: “If you’ve gotten to the point where you have to do this, your relationship is basically over.”

Steph’s technique has been known to some other TikTokkers for a long time. “I also caught my boyfriend cheating with this method and caught him another time with club photos.”

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