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Get ready to groove! Pattaya’s month-long music festival with international acts announced!


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Pattaya, Thailand – Pattaya City has announced that it will hold a music festival every weekend for the entire month of March. The event, which will take place in various locations throughout the city, is expected to attract music lovers from all over Thailand and beyond.

According to the city’s tourism authority, the music festival is part of a larger effort to promote Pattaya as a premier tourist destination. The city is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and bustling shopping districts, and officials hope that the music festival will only add to its appeal.

The festival will feature a diverse lineup of musical acts, including local and international artists. Genres will range from pop and rock to EDM and hip-hop, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Admission to the festival will be free, and food and beverage vendors will be available on site. The city is also encouraging attendees to explore the various attractions and activities that Pattaya has to offer, including its renowned street food scene and water sports activities.

The music festival is expected to draw a large crowd, and officials are working to ensure that safety measures are in place to protect attendees. This includes increased security, sanitation stations, and social distancing measures.

The music festival is set to kick off on the first weekend in March, and will continue every weekend throughout the month. Music lovers and travelers alike are invited to come and experience the vibrant culture and exciting music scene of Pattaya.

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