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Ghislaine Maxwell Is Found Guilty of Aiding in Epstein’s Sex Abuse


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Ghislaine Maxwell (60) was yesterday found guilty on several charges in the sexual abuse case involving Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell is Epstein’s ex-girlfriend and helped him between 1994 and 2004 recruit and trade (underage) girls who were sexually abused by him.

The jury in a New York court found Maxwell guilty on five of the six charges, including sex trafficking of a minor. It carries a maximum prison sentence of 40 years. The final sentence has yet to be determined, but Maxwell is expected to go to jail for years. She herself still maintains that she is innocent and her lawyer has indicated that she will appeal.

Four different victims have shared their stories in the process. They indicated that Maxwell had an important role in the abuse that took place. She won the trust of the young girls, after which she prepared them and persuaded them to give massages to Epstein. She made all kinds of promises to them, but eventually, the abuse continued.

Maxwell did not respond in court and showed no emotion. According to her lawyers, she is wrongly portrayed as a villain now that Epstein can no longer be punished. He was arrested in July 2019 but committed suicide in his cell a month later.


  • Jeffrey Epstein was suspected of sexually exploiting and abusing several underage girls. He allegedly lured the underage victims to different houses and had sex with them. He also paid them to arrange new girls for him. Some girls were only 13 years old.
  • The wealthy American was a businessman and had good contacts with influential people such as Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and other great businessmen. He had a private island, also called Paedophile Island, where hundreds of girls and young women would have had to come to. Several well-known figures are said to have made use of his network and the island.
  • Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in July 2019. Ten years earlier, the billionaire had also been jailed for thirteen months for abusing dozens of girls. He then struck a deal with the prosecutor, which saved him from a life sentence. ​
  • A month after his arrest, Epstein hanged himself in his cell. It is not clear how that could have happened. He had been in a suicide prevention program for several months because of a previous suicide attempt.
  • His death raised many questions and several conspiracy theories arose. How could such a highly secured man commit suicide? Could his death have been faked? There is a docu-series about him on Netflix called Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.

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