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Ghost demands 20 thousand baht in Thailand for destroyed spirit house


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In Thailand, the ghost of a destroyed ghost house 19 years ago demands that a Thai man accept monasticism and monetary compensation of 20,000 baht

A Thai man from Chonburi province claims a vengeful spirit has possessed his body and forced him to attempt suicide twice. The Buddhist monk he turned to for help communicated with the spirit at the request of the possessed man and said the ghost apparently wants the man to rectify a crime he committed 19 years ago by paying 20,000 baht and taking the monk’s ordination.

According to the Thairat publication, the ghost told the monk that when the man worked as a forest ranger, he stole 70,000 baht from a wooden house for spirits and then destroyed it. The man confirmed that he had committed the crime and is now trying to fulfill the ghost’s demands to get rid of his strong grip.

Since April 14, 40-year-old Tiraut Naesuk has claimed that an unrelenting spirit has made life hell for him and his family living in the Sattahip district of Chonburi province in eastern Thailand. Tiraut claims that the spirit possessed his body and caused the man to attempt suicide twice, but luckily he was saved by his family.

Tiraut took his family to the Tep Prasat Temple in Chonburi to get help from a monk named Ajan Id. Early in the morning, Ajan performed an “exorcism” session using holy water to try to free Tirajut from the shackles of the spirit. During the ceremony, however, the ghost reoccupied Tirajut’s body, giving the monk an opportunity to communicate with him.

The spirit explained to the monk that he was taking revenge on Tirajut and his family for destroying the wooden spirit house 19 years ago. Tiraut found 70,000 baht in a cloth bag inside the spirit house and took the money and then broke the spirit house in hopes of finding the hidden money inside. Tiraut confirmed that he had indeed committed the crime, which the monk said was a very serious misdemeanor.

The ghost said he would spare the lives of Tiraut and his family members if the man would become a monk and return the 20,000 baht by tomorrow, April 20. If Tirajut does not do as the spirit says, the monk says he will make Tirajut insane and take the lives of all his family members. The spirit told the monk that Tiraut has already repaid the equivalent of 50,000 baht by the good deeds he has done over the past 19 years.

Tiraut worries that he won’t be able to fulfill the spirit’s demands by tomorrow, so the monk asked the ghost to extend the deadline until the end of the month. At the same time, the monk did not explain how Tiraut must transfer the money to the ghost’s realm.

The frightened man intends to take up monastic vows in his wife’s hometown in Wang Hin district in Sisaket province to purify his karma and finally get rid of the bonds of the spirit that possessed Tirajut 19 years after it destroyed his home.

It’s worth noting that a local publication published the article with the alternative title, “Monk Deceived Chonburi Man.” What do you think?

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