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Gov’t To Hold Father’s Day Event at Sanam Luang


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BANGKOK — Take your dad to the Grand Palace fair, a flower festival at the park, or even to Bangkok’s highest skyscraper to show your love for the old man for Father’s Day.

Thursday is Father’s Day, which will also coincides with the anniversary of His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol’s birthday. The government will hold an commemorating exhibition at Sanam Luang to pay tribute to the late His Majesty, while there will be events across the capital where you can also take your dad to.

Tradition-loving Dad

The National Father’s Day event at Sanam Luang.
The National Father’s Day event at Sanam Luang.

More traditionalist dads may want to head to Sanam Luang for the government-sponsored Father’s Day event. The fair will feature an exhibition of prototype villages representing the country’s four regions to reflect their adaptations of His Majesty the Late King Bhumibol’s teaching of Self-Sufficient Economy.

Visitors are encouraged to wear yellow shirts and roam through each “village,” where there will be vendors selling regional crafts and food, as well as workshops where your dad can brush up on his crafting skills. If he’s fond of folk performances, shows will run throughout the day.

There will also be shops under patronage of members of the royal family selling product from Their Majesties’ projects.

Don’t worry if you can’t understand Thai, there will be guides to take you through the event in English. The fair will run from Dec. 5 to 14 from 10am to 8pm. Entry is free.

Nature-loving Dad

Photo: @TheVoyageOfTha1 / Twitter
Photo: @TheVoyageOfTha1 / Twitter

Drive to King Rama IX Park in the eastern suburbs of the capital and let dad loose on winter flowers spanning over the park’s 80-hectare area. Once he’s satisfied with taking enough photos to brag with in the family’s Line group, there’s a market selling traditional crafts and a floating market selling regional food for you guys to shop and eat at.

If he wants to take the flowers back home, there’s a farmer’s market where he can chat with the experts while shopping for plants and gardening products.

More mystical dads may enjoy going to fortune tellers at the fair, so he can be prepared for his future ahead. The fair is running from Dec. 1 to 10 from 8am to 7pm. Entry is free.

Heights-loving Dad

Observation deck on the 78th floor of King Power Mahanakhon. Photo: Chakorn Sirisuwansit / Facebook
Observation deck on the 78th floor of King Power Mahanakhon. Photo: Chakorn Sirisuwansit / Facebook

Ever want to take your dad to the top of Thailand’s tallest skyscraper but don’t want to pay for the hefty price tag of 836 baht? Here’s your chance to snag a buy one get one deal, which you dad can get in for free when buying a ticket at King Power Mahanakhon. The deal is only good on Dec. 5 and only Thai dads are eligible.

If he’s also a fan of oldies music, there’s a dinner course at the tower’s rooftop bar with live music from Suntharaporn Band Foundation singing 1930s ballard hits.

Antique-loving Dad

History nerd dads are sure to have a good time at “Yixing Ware and Coin Showcase” exhibition at River City Bangkok where they can take a closer look at rare Chinese tea sets, antique coins, gambling tokens, and vintage school brooches that date as far back as the 18th century.

The exhibition is running from Nov. 28 to Dec. 8. Entry is free.


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