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Grandmother of 17 grandchildren marries 24-year-old man, will have a child together this year


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A grandmother of seventeen grandchildren is ready to further expand her family by welcoming a new child with her 24-year-old husband. The couple is going viral on TikTok and doesn’t seem to care about negative reactions.

Cheryl, 61, married her husband Quran in 2021 after first meeting him in Georgia in 2012, when he was working for Cheryl’s son. Quran was only 15 years old at that time. In 2020, the couple met again. Quran didn’t take long to determine that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Cheryl and after dating for a year, he proposed to her. The wedding was followed by a live stream by 20,000 viewers.

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Cheryl and Quran are now ready for the next step and have announced via TikTok that they are having a child together this year. “He has always wanted children and I would like to be the mother of his child. Of course, because of my age, we have to see if we can have a surrogate or adopt a surrogate. We are exploring those options.” Cheryl currently has seven children between the ages of 29 and 41. According to The Mirror, they have said they will help raise the child. Furthermore, Cheryl’s grandchildren have nicknamed their step-grandfather “pawpaw.”

The large age difference between the couple has sparked a lot of interest on TikTok, where Quran has amassed two million followers by sharing videos of herself and Cheryl. The couple receives both critical and positive responses to their relationship and future plans. Nevertheless, the Quran does not let that change one’s mind. “She’s my wife. Till death do us part we’ll stay together. Forever.”

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In an interview with News 24, Cheryl said after their marriage last year that she has never had such a strong bond with a man. “We’re so much alike, it’s like I feel what he feels and vice versa,” she said.”He’s my soul mate, he genuinely makes me happy. And I make him happy. He’s one with his emotions, which brings us very close. That’s why I love him. I feel there’s an unbreakable connection, that’s why I wanted to marry him.”

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