Gun shots in a pub, Thai politician arrested

Gun shots in a pub, Thai politician arrested

Customers in a bar in Nakhon Phanom was shocked when a Thai politcian allegedly shot 4 people. Witnesses to the scene had told the Bangkok Post that they had seen man firing shots throughout the bar as he was drunk and unhappy at the table service

After police arrived they arrested Paisal Saengnarai, 58, who is a kamnan, the governing official of a tambon or sub district.

More witnesses said that the kamnan of tambon Na-ngua had been at the bar drinking with his friends when he started getting angry at a waiter.

He had then walked out to where his car was parked, drove to the entrance to the bar, grabbed a 9mm CZ pistol and started shooting randomly in the bar.

At least 9 to 9 shots had been fired hitting 4 customers in the bar. The injured were then rushed to Ban Phaeng Hospital.

Paisal was arrested on a firearms charge.

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