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Gunfire made the people of Bang Saray jump out of bed


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In this small fishing village just below the smoke, some gunshots rang out in the early morning hours that made the community jump out of bed. A police investigation by the Sattahip Police Department found that one teenage suspect fired more than 10 shots not far from Bang Saray Beach on Jantasaroe Road.

Several residents had been awakened from their sleep by the sound of numerous gunshots.

The Sattahip Police Department and a reporter arrived at the scene of the incident just after dawn and found some used bullet cartridges on the road. Sattahip law enforcement officers checked CCTV footage near a local store and said they identified a teenage suspect who escaped in a car after firing a weapon at a second person.

Sattahip police said the suspect was known to them but did not release the suspect’s name at the time of writing, citing that they believed the victim was a minor and that an investigation was already underway.

The Sattahip police told the reporter that one person had suffered a gunshot wound during an argument, but the victim had not filed a police report or sought public medical attention. They are now looking for the suspected shooter and are continuing their investigation into the incident for further legal action.  

Sattahip police declined to name a motive for the incident between the two men.

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