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Video: The Story Behind Man’s Viral ‘How To Handle A Knife Attack’ Video


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One man is on a mission to tackle knife crime and inform youngsters on staying safe while out on the streets.

Garvin Snell, from West London, recently posted a video on social media explaining what someone should do in the event of a knife attack – and it’s gone viral.

In the video, which now has over 800,000 views on Facebook and over 1 million on Twitter, the 37-year-old demonstrates with his 13-year-old son, Kyian, his technique for dealing with an attacker with a knife – and that’s to run away.

Garvin picks up a knife and his son immediately sprints away and jumps over a garden fence, as Garvin says: “There is no shame in running away – I’d rather have my son run home than lose his life.”

He came up with the video after seeing a rise in knife crime – which is at a seven-year high in London.

Knife Attack 

Garvin told LADbible: “Initially I made the video for people in my community and to teach my son how to stay safe when he’s out.

“It’s amazing, upsetting and incredibly scary, as a parent, to see such high levels of knife crime and I want to, hopefully, make a dent in that high rise by talking to young people and kids and showing them that it’s so much more important to get away from that kind of situation.

“I’m telling them, ‘if someone pulls a knife out on you get the hell out of there’.”

The inspiration to make the video, which was filmed by his 11-year-old daughter Sienna, also came from a more personal place for Garvin.

He said: “I’ve seen people pull a knife out, I’ve known people who have been stabbed and killed and I’ve even had a knife pulled out on me – but I did follow my own advice and get out of there.”

Knife Attack

Garvin thinks the rise in knife crimes comes from cuts being made to services and closures of clubs for kids.

“It’s no shock that more kids are out on the street, and knife crimes are happening with things like closures in youth clubs and cuts to police,” he added.

Garvin has faced some nasty comments and trolling attempts online after making the video – but he just looks passed them.

“People have left some nasty and stupid comments, but what I say is I don’t have time for that kind of ignorance,” he said.

“I made the video to inform, spread a bit of positivity and explain to young people that you don’t have to fight back, just run away.”

Garvin plans to make more short videos giving advice with things like being held up and mugged.

“Just give over your stuff, if that’s what they want,” he said.

“You can buy back stuff, you can’t buy back a life.”

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