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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Hellbound: South Korean horror ousts Squid Game as Netflix’s current most popular series globally


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The south Korean series is going well on Netflix. Squid Game has already become the most successful series ever on the streaming service this year and has long topped the list as the most popular series of the moment. But now Squid Game has been knocked off the throne by the new South Korean horror series Hellbound as the most popular series.

An analysis by FlixPatrol shows that on November 20, just a day after the series came out, Hellbound became the new number one worldwide. Squid Game, which topped 46 non-consecutive days, is now in second place.

In Hellbound, supernatural beings appear out of nowhere to send people on Earth to Hell. This creates total chaos, but that chaos is only made worse by an emerging religious organization called The New Truth. The followers of that organization are convinced that the supernatural events are God’s will to make people righteous. Believing that only sinners are sent to hell, a group of followers take matters into their own hands by hunting sinners themselves.

Lawyer Min Hye-jin (played by Kim Hyun-joo) joins forces with a small group to battle The New Truth. They try to bring people condemned to hell back to earth. And so the social chaos only gets bigger.

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