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Horrific suitcase murder in Northern Thailand stirs the mind in Thailand and Laos


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The horribly mutilated body of a woman found the day before yesterday in a suitcase in the Nakhon Phanom section of the Mekong River may belong to a Laotian businesswoman.

Colonel Thawil Khamket, chief of police for That Phanom, said today that some relatives of the missing woman had contacted police in an attempt to locate her. There must be a chance that the body can be identified, something that is not entirely certain.

The body of a young woman, aged between 25 and 30, was found on September 28 in a suitcase in the river in the That Phanom neighbourhood. Earlier reports suggested the woman could be around 40.

No documents were found with the body, but she was wearing designer clothes, suggesting she might be in good shape.

The woman’s face had been smashed into mush with a blunt object, making her nearly impossible to identify. There were no signs of injury anywhere else on her body, the trunk contained a boulder.

The police believe she was murdered, put in the suitcase and then dumped in the river. They are now awaiting the results of an autopsy by the Khon Kaen forensic institute.

Shocked relatives of a missing Lao woman saw clothes from the suitcase on news reports and think it could be their missing relative. They are expected to travel from Vientiane to Nakhon Phanom to identify the body.

Colonel Thawil said that if family members confirmed her identity, investigators would turn the case over to Lao authorities and Thai police would not be empowered to investigate the matter further.

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