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Huge aquarium with 1500 tropical fish explodes in Berlin hotel lobby


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In the lobby of a Radisson Blu hotel in Berlin, a giant cylindrical aquarium 16 meters high burst open this morning. The explosion damaged the entire first floor of the hotel. At least two people were injured by the flying debris and glass splinters. They were taken to hospital, German media reported .

“Around six o’clock this morning I heard a huge explosion,” a hotel guest tells German local media. “It was a kind of loud thunder. I had no idea what was going on. I called a friend and went to her room. When we entered the corridor, we saw the enormous destruction. Really everything in the hall is washed away.” Heat buses have been placed near the building where hotel guests can be taken care of, the fire brigade reports on Twitter.

It is not yet known how the aquarium could just explode. The aquarium, which is officially called AquaDom, was completely modernized and inspected in the summer of 2020. According to local media, material fatigue plays a role, in which material slowly but surely collapses under sustained pressure.

The aquarium, 16 meters high, had a diameter of 11.5 meters and was filled with more than one million liters of water. 1500 tropical fish of 50 different species lived in the aquarium. According to the Sea Life Berlin website, you could find Nemo and Dory among the coral reefs. It is not yet known whether the tropical fish that have now washed over the streets of Berlin survived the explosion.

The aquarium was famous all over the world. It was the largest free-standing cylindrical aquarium in the world. The attraction was cleaned daily by three to four divers. The hundreds of tropical fish needed about 8 kilograms of fish food every day. Visitors to the city could admire all this by taking a ride through the aquarium in a transparent elevator. In addition to the aquarium, the hotel also houses a Sea Life , a tourist attraction with several aquariums.

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