Huge monitor lizard scraps Thai supermarket for food – Video

Huge monitor lizard scraps Thai supermarket for food

A huge Asian water monitor terrified shoppers after a “King of the Monsters” -like rampaging through a 7-Eleven convenience store in the central city of Nakhon Pathom.

The original video tweet of the incident was viewed nearly a million times before it was removed, now many video copies have been made so that the reptile’s climbing scene can be viewed in detail.

The terrifying clip, reposted to Facebook, shows the monster reptile throwing cardboard boxes from store shelves and making spectators scream in shock.

“The shelves are ruined!”
Oh my Buddha, there is a voice shouting about the reptilian intruder who, at up to eight feet in length, is the second-largest lizard in the world after the Komodo dragon, according to Everything Reptiles.

The clip ends with the water monitor resting on top of the shelf, near the ceiling, while bystanders in the background look on with hesitation.

Fortunately, despite their sheer size, these opportunistic predators do not pose a threat to adult humans but choose to enjoy everything from eggs to small mammals and carrion, experts said. However, in May 2020, a dead child was found partially eaten by monitors in Southern Thailand.)

Nonetheless, this scaled shopping spree left social media in a jumble.

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