Huge python twists and turns in Sri Racha and gets stuck in the drain

Huge python twists and turns in Sri Racha and gets stuck in the drain

A three-meter long python had to be rescued in Sri Racha yesterday after the serpent got stuck while trying to exit the road through a drain.

Photos of the trapped snake went viral on Thai social media shortly after the residents of Chonburi were greatly amused.

The rescue workers were informed around 3:00 PM by a concerned resident of the python that had gotten stuck in Soi Khao Din in Nong Kham yesterday.

Rescuers and animal control arrived on the scene to find the python trapped in several pipes on a drain cover in the middle of the road, distraught at the predicament “Ka” was in.

Rescuers carefully pulled the python out of the manhole. The python was about ten feet long and was unharmed.

67-year-old Petcharat Promueang, 67, told a local reporter: “I was driving home on my motorcycle when I saw several dogs barking furiously at the drain in the middle of the road. I stopped to see what they were looking at and then I saw the python. I prevented the dogs from attacking the reptile when I finally called for help.”

Petcharat noted that the python appeared to have eaten a meal recently, one of the reasons why it was unable to escape from the storm drain. The snake will reportedly be taken to a nearby forest area and released and will not be harmed, animal protection workers said.

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