If you like Squid Game here’s 1 show you’ll want to watch next

Squid Game is one of the most popular series of the moment. The bizarre, compelling and blood-curdling story has many viewers worldwide on the edge of their seats. Have you already watched the series, did you love it and are you disappointed that it has ended? Unfortunately, there is no news about a possible second season yet, but in the meantime, Alice in Borderland might be something for you too.


The Japanese series Alice in Borderland has many similarities with the Korean Squid Game. The series, set in Tokyo and based on a manga of the same name, appeared on Netflix at the end of last year, but is still fairly unknown. It has now been announced that the second season of this project will be released soon.

The series revolves around three friends who end up in a mysterious game out of nowhere. Gradually they find out what the rules of the game are, who they can and cannot trust and what they have to do to survive. And just like in Squid Game, the game is unrelenting.


Fans of both series are comparing the projects on Twitter. Which series is better and does Squid Game deserve the hype? Opinions are divided.

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