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In Thailand, a motorcyclist is killed in an accident every 35 minutes


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18 years ago, a motorcyclist was killed every hour in an accident on Thai roads. According to Dr. Chaimaiphan Santikan has now risen to one fatality per …… don’t be alarmed… 35 minutes.

The number of motorcyclists in Thailand is increasing by a million every year, which increases the risk of road accidents, especially as the majority do not have a driver’s license.

According to the former World Health Organization adviser in Asia, 26,126 children and young people were killed in motorcycle accidents between 2011 and 2019. In eleven years, the death toll among young people could reach 40,000 if nothing is done.

Drowning used to be the number one cause of death among under-15s – nowadays the number equals the number of deaths from motorcycle accidents. Of particular concern are the lack of motorcycle safety specifications in Thailand, the lack of an official driver’s license, the poor training of novice riders, the inadequate rules on who can ride which type of motorcycle, and the lack of motorcycle tracks on the roads.

Dr. Chaimaiphan has sent a six-point plan to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to make motorcycle safety a top priority. It calls for changes in laws and regulations, better use of helmets, and changes in engine specifications and speed limits. She also suggests expanding the term ‘big bike’ to include motorcycles with a displacement of 249 cc and more.

There should also be a learning category for motorcyclists with a maximum speed of 50 km / h, as well as changes in the issuing of driving licenses so that they reflect the age and experience of the rider.

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