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Is Pattani a Thai insurgent wanted for suspected murder of army officers


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Is Pattani a Thai insurgent wanted for suspected murder of army officers

The Thai army has sent a Thai insurgent to the eternal hunting grounds, who was wanted for the suspected murder of members of the security forces in Pattani province in the deep south, near the Malaysian border, an area prone to violence as a result of the ongoing religious separatist uprising.

A Thai government unit had surrounded a house on a rubber plantation in Nong Chik district, suspected of being used by insurgents.

Police raided the home around 3:00 p.m. after religious leaders and community leaders tried to persuade the suspect in the home to surrender. Security forces were fired upon and the police immediately opened fire. After the gunfire had ceased, officers searched the house and found the dead body of Rosali Lamso.

Rosali Lamso had nine warrants issued for his arrest on charges of murder, multiple grenade attacks and theft related to insurgency. He allegedly fired shots at Na Pradu Police Station in January 2018, killing a police officer, and allegedly killed another police officer outside Khok Pho Hospital in December last year. In 2017, he allegedly murdered a Buddhist couple in the Thepha district of Songkhla.

Furthermore, Rosali is alleged to have been involved in firearms and grenade attack on an electricity authority office in Khok Pho district in 2018 and in another grenade attack on a police base in Songkhla’s Thepha district in 2017.

He was also wanted for the seizure of 90 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition from a car in Songkhla’s Thepha district in 2019 and for robberies.

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