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Israel stops water supply to Gaza Strip


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Israel immediately stopped the water supply to the Gaza Strip. Israeli Minister Yisrael Katz (Infrastructure) said this on Monday on media outlets. The Israeli government is doing this in response to Hamas’ surprise attacks last Saturday.

“I ordered the water supply from Israel to Gaza to be cut off immediately. Electricity and fuel were cut off yesterday. What was will be no more,” Katz said. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced that all basic services for Gaza would be cut off. Food no longer goes to the residents of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli government has declared a full siege on Gaza. According to the United Nations (UN), more than 123,000 Palestinians have fled due to fear of a large-scale offensive. In reality, that only means that they have left their homes, as the borders of both Israel and Egypt have been closed for years.

Hundreds of rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip on Saturday morning, hitting Tel Aviv, one of the largest cities in Israel. In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on Hamas. “Our enemy will pay a price never seen before .” Hamas is fighting the occupation of Palestine.


Palestine has been illegally occupied by Israel for decades. In 1948, the Nakba took place: almost a million Palestinians were driven from their homes and land. As a result, there are still millions of Palestinian refugees around the world today, which is only increasing. To this day, houses are destroyed and taken by settlers, illegal settlements are built, Gaza is bombed and Palestinians are arrested if they show any form of resistance.

The Israeli colonization of Palestine is accompanied by daily human rights violations. “Since the mid-1990s, Israeli authorities have imposed increasingly strict restrictions on freedom of movement on Palestinians in the Occupied Territories,” Amnesty International said in a report. “Palestinian communities live isolated in military zones. Every time they want to get in or out, Palestinians have to apply for multiple special permits. In Gaza, 2 million Palestinians live in a humanitarian crisis caused by an Israeli blockade that keeps them virtually out of Gaza. can leave.”

Amnesty International describes these human rights violations as apartheid, where two groups receive different treatment based on their ethnicity. The report revealed how there has been widespread unlawful expropriation of Palestinian land and property, forced displacement, drastic restrictions on freedom of movement and unlawful killing, and how Palestinians have been denied the right to nationality and citizenship. “Our report shows the true extent of Israel’s apartheid regime. Whether they live in Gaza, East Jerusalem, Hebron or Israel itself, Palestinians are treated as a subordinate racial group,” said Amnesty’s Secretary General Agnès Callamard.

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