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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Jake Paul signs contract as MMA fighter


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Jake Paul, the former YouTuber who is best known today as a boxer, has signed a contract with the MMA organization PFL. The PFL officially announces this through its channels .

Paul, who has won six matches in the boxing ring and lost zero, is going to try something new. Paul, 25, will fight for the PFL in a special division called the PFL PPV Super Fights division. In the division, more established names, such as celebrities, will be able to fight against each other with specially agreed rules.

Paul has UFC legend Nate Diaz in mind as his first opponent. Paul challenges him to do two fights: first in the boxing ring and six months later in MMA. “I would beat Nate Diaz in an MMA fight,” Paul says of the potential confrontation. “The most important thing for me would be to learn how to kick.”

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