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Japanese fans stay behind to clean stadium after World Cup match


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Football fans are generally known as indecent and perhaps even aggressive people. But that does not apply to Japan’s supporters. The fans of the country showed themselves again last weekend from a side that many people can learn from. After the opening match of the World Cup, Qatar against Ecuador, the Japanese football supporters stayed in the stadium to leave everything clean.

The Japanese fans voluntarily cleared away empty bottles and other rubbish after the final whistle, while their own team was not even on the field. Images of the inspiring action are surfacing on social media. Among others, a content creator from Bahrain named Omar Al-Farooq shared the positive energy of the Japanese on Instagram.

Among other things, Omar asked the fans why they cleaned the stands. “We are from Japan. We respect this place and that means we don’t leave any rubbish here,” said one of the fans. In addition, the Japanese fans picked up Qatari and Ecuadorian flags from the ground. “We cannot understand that these flags are thrown on the ground and trampled. These are two symbols that should command respect.”

It is not the first time that Japanese football fans have shown their good side. During the previous World Cup in Russia, after the team lost 3-2 against Belgium, the supporters showed that there is more to life than football. Despite the painful loss after a nerve-racking game, they were not guided by negative emotions and left the stadium in Rostov clean.

That the respectful attitude is intertwined in Japanese culture was confirmed by the players of the Japanese squad. Because the national team also left the dressing room sparkling clean, where other teams seem to do their best after a nasty defeat to make as much of a mess as possible. To express their gratitude to the organization of the match and the employees in the stadium, they also left a letter in the dressing room in Rostov with the text “Thank you” .

For Japan, the World Cup really starts today. The game against Germany is scheduled for this afternoon at 2 p.m. In order to survive the group, Japan must also compete with Spain and Costa Rica in addition to Germany.

The Japanese will probably hope for the same kind of start to the tournament as the Dutch national team. The Orange won the first game in the group 2-0 yesterday. In a hard-fought game, Senegal were beaten thanks to late goals from Cody Gakpo and Davy Klaassen.

The World Cup in Qatar is very controversial. For example, FIFA members have been bribed to vote for Qatar as the host country. Qatar wants to polish its image with this World Cup, but human rights were violated in the realization of the World Cup. In order for this World Cup to take place, a huge number of migrant workers have been exploited and even died. For example, according to Amnesty, they had to work in extreme heat and in unsafe working conditions. In addition, homosexuality is prohibited and women live under a guardianship system, which means that men decide over them. According to many, this makes Qatar an unsuitable host country.

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