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A major delivery service on Tuesday said it fired four of its employees for unboxing a customer’s sex toys and playing with them.

Without naming any of the offenders, Kerry Express said the four violated the firm’s privacy policy by not only opening the packages without consent, but also posting photos of the contents on social media and forwarding the client’s private details to their coworkers.

“Every executive member of the company feels deeply sorry for this incident,” a statement posted online by the company said. “We are sorry for the disappointment and embarrassment it has caused.”

In photos uploaded by the now-expelled deliverymen – which were set to public – the men can be seen posing for pictures with the unboxed sex toys and laughing with their friends. They also made sexually-charged comments about the customer.

“I’ll hurry up and deliver it to you,” one of the staff members, who goes by Facebook username Bom Dongked, wrote in a caption. “You are probably really horny.”

Another man, using the username Chuttakan Kitsakul, also revealed he sent the address, phone number and even pictures of the unnamed client to his colleagues in a private message.

“I already found the owner,” Chuttakan wrote in reply to his friend’s post about the sex toys.

Both Bom and Chuttakan appear to have deactivated their Facebook accounts at publication time.

In its statement, Kerry Express said the supervisor in charge of the four employees will also be subject to disciplinary punishment. The company also promised to take “legal actions” against those responsible.

The reaction from social media users has been overwhelmingly negative, with many of them raising concerns about their privacy in using Kerry – which is widely regarded as superior to the state-owned mailing system.

Another general complaint referred to the absence of any protection or safety measures for the affected customer.

“The company should also compensate and be responsible to the customer,” one user wrote. “And there’s a safety concern for the customer too. If the expelled employees harm them, who will take responsibility?”

Another user wrote, “In this case, you must find new homes for the affected customer. You fire those people, but they still know the address. These kinds of people won’t know remorse. They will end up harassing the customer, trust me.”

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