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A South Korean man was arrested early Thursday on suspicion of allegedly murdering and dismembering a compatriot in Rayong province earlier this week.

The Crime Suppression Division said the man, identified as Gim Hyeonjun, turned himself in to the South Korean Embassy, which brought him to the Thai authorities at about 1am this morning. Police said he confessed to be an accessory in the killing of Choi Myunghoon, whose remains were found Monday stuffed in bags hidden in a forested part of Rayong City.

According to police, Gim said he and the victim were involved in an online gambling ring, and that he was forced by threats of violence to help dismembering Choi and disposing of his body by other two gang members who killed him and are now on the run.

Choi’s identity wasn’t confirmed until last night as his body had been cut into several pieces. His head and arm remain unaccounted for. He was identified by a distinctive tattoo on his torso and a suitcase abandoned near the scene.

Choi had been blacklisted by Thai authorities as he was charged with gambling-related offenses in Bangkok in 2015. Gim was found to be residing illegally in Thailand.

Police said they’re looking for the other two suspects identified by Gim.

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