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Largest US bank no longer wants Ye as a customer


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After all the commotion surrounding Ye, the largest bank in the United States, JPMorgan Chase, has decided to cancel its partnership with the YEEZY brand. Ye and his company have until Nov. 21 to find a new bank, the bank said in an official statement.

Other than the date on which the partnership will officially end, the statement does not clarify exactly why the bank no longer wants to work with YEEZY. It could be related to Ye’s anti-Semitic remarks over the past week. The quarrel between Ye and Adidas could also be a reason. A video shows how Ye reacts to the news in a conversation with a journalist. “I’m glad I crossed the line,” he says, among other things.

The statement from JPMorgan Chase follows a tumultuous week for Ye. Earlier this week, his Twitter account was suspended for anti-Semitic comments. In that discussion, Ye appeared in a post to claim that Diddy was controlled by Jewish people. The caption under the post was “Jesus is Jew.” He also wrote that he planned to go to “Death Con 3 on the Jewish People” . He also played porn during a meeting with Adidas directors to make a point.

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