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LG launches a face mask with voice amplifier in Thailand


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LG launches a face mask with voice amplifier in Thailand

LG is going to market a mouth mask that will contain a loudspeaker, making you easier to understand. The brand announced this itself this week. The mask will first be available in Thailand, then the rest of the world will normally follow.

It is a new version of the LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier, the first advanced mouth mask that LG released. This edition has been given a voice amplifier to make the voice of the wearer more intelligible. The mask, which weighs 94 grams, will automatically recognize and enhance a voice when talking via a microphone.

Furthermore, the gadget contains replaceable filters and built-in fans that filter the air. The ‘unique’ mouth cap could be worn “comfortably for eight hours”. The built-in battery can be charged in 2 hours via a USB cable.

LG does not make any statements about whether the mask protects sufficiently against the coronavirus. It will be released first in Thailand next month. Other countries have yet to approve the mask. The price tag of the gadget is also not yet known.

LED lighting
LG is not the first manufacturer to market such a high-tech mouth mask. Producer Razer previously launched the ‘smartest mouth cap in the world’. In addition to speakers and air ventilation, it also had LED lighting. The mask is therefore automatically on in the dark.

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